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Since opening in 2005, Salon Furniture Warehouse has been productively delivering the most ideal value to the total salon furniture salon industry. All through the area and online community, we are a recognized family owned and maintained online ecommerce shop for salons in need of very affordable salon products and beauty salon equipment.  The greatest goal of Salon Furniture Warehouse is delivering excellent products at the best prices to the entire beauty marketplace.  We not just supply the greatest solutions of low-priced styling chairs and styling stations, we also will offer you a selection of salon equipment and salon furniture, consisting of:  shampoo stations, massage beds, stools, beds, barber chairs, facial beds, carts, drying stations, trolleys, pedicure chairs, manicure tables, reception desks, together with other scaled-down salon equipment that may very well be needed.  Primarily because products are built by us, it really is easier to pass down the savings to each of our customers by presenting good prices without having to decrease the all round quality.  Salon Furniture Warehouse believes totally in customer satisfaction, and we'll do what is needed to make sure we give excellent satisfactory service!  Further, our Skokie customers are knowledgeable about when conducting business with Salon Furniture Warehouse; they'll be able to easily pay for our salon furniture and salon equipment products with comfort.  You will learn, WE JUST WILL NOT EVER BE DEFEATED!


Skokie Salon Equipment

Skokie, Illinois is a village sharing a border with Chicago and is located in Cook County. Approximately, 65,000 locals call Skokie home.  There are also right around ten dozen beauty salons located in Skokie.  When our salon owners are checking around for the most ideal styling stations and styling chairs or even salon equipment and salon furniture bargains, they are going to not delay and contact Salon Furniture Warehouse.  The reason is, we only sell to salons and because of this, and we can remove any price increases by a distributor – the middle-man – while protecting any of the rates for all of our Skokie clientele!  Furthermore, we will work directly in combination with a nice selection of pedicure spa manufactures.  We do this so we can always be on top of our collection of salon furniture and offer our customers in Skokie a location where they can buy everything all in one place.  Thus giving our Skokie neighbors every option to have the ability to buy when they want at affordable pricing, while obtaining the appearance they really want with their salon furniture and their salon equipment without needing to pay out a considerable amount of money!  What's more, our Skokie clients have disclosed that when they are able to buy without delay from Salon Furniture Warehouse, it gets rid of the back and forth relationship amongst the Skokie client, manufacture and even the distributor.  This ends up switching into much less hassles for our Skokie clients with an ultimate stress-free, prosperous transaction.  


Skokie Styling Chairs 

Lastly, Salon Furniture Warehouse is definitely the only name you would need to know when looking for maximum quality in salon equipment, salon furniture, styling stations and styling chairs.  And also, considering that we manufacture our very own products, you can constantly be assured of obtaining the best quality for the most affordable cost!  Our salon equipment is unmatched in the industry.  It is actually made to look fantastic and to last.  Irrespective of your requirements, Salon Furniture Warehouse ought to be the on-line resource for each one of your beauty salon furniture and salon equipment requirements.  Besides, the price will always be great when you go and shop with Salon Furniture Warehouse.  On top of that, we do offer an excellent payment and financing program, too.  When you decide to purchase with PayPal services and choose the “Bill Me Later” option, you won't have any bills or interest provided that you pay-in-full within a six-month period of time for all of your salon equipment and salon furniture products of $99 or greater!  So, put Salon Furniture Warehouse on speed-dial and give us a quick call, now, at: (877) 805-0755.  When you choose us as your primary source for your salon equipment and salon furniture, you will be capable of washing away all of your worries about supplying your salon right down-the-drain!


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