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Santa Ana Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


Salon Furniture Warehouse wants to make your life easier by offering all of the salon equipment you need in one location. We eliminate the hassle of finding multiple vendors, dealing with distributors, and paying sky high prices. Salon Furniture has more than 50 years of combined experience. We are a family owned distributor and manufacturer, and our goal is to give our Santa Ana clients the best shampoo station equipment and shampoo chairs available at affordable prices. We have many shampoo station options available that come in various colors and features, and we have something to fit everyone budget.

Santa Ana Backwash Unit

Santa Ana has 334,136 residents and is a city in Orange County, California. Santa Ana is home to the Santa Ana Zoo, with its monkeys, mini-train, walk-through aviary and some of the top salons in the country. Salon Furniture has worked with many of the elite salons in Santa Ana. We are the number one direct source of salon equipment. If you are thinking about upgrading your salon with a new shampoo station, backwash unit or shampoo chairs, Salon Furniture should be your first and only choice! We have the best salon equipment, and our prices are fantastic.

Santa Ana Backwash Station

Salon Furniture values our relationships with our clients, and we treat each of our customers fairly and equally. Our goal is to bring the best possible design, quality, price and service to the beauty industry. We go above and beyond for our clients, and we make sure we only provide top-notch backwash station equipment and shampoo chairs. Our salon equipment will help take your salon to the next level. You can feel confident about your purchase from us. We promise you will love your salon's new look. Contact Salon Furniture Warehouse’s team of specialists today at (877) 805-0755 to get started with the purchase of your shampoo chairs!
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