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Palmdale Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


If your salon needs a new backwash unit to help enhance your shampoo backwash station, Salon Furniture Warehouse has it for you! If you require a full remodel, including a new backwash station, shampoo station, or shampoo chairs, Salon Furniture has everything you will need. We offer a broad array of fashions that are sure to increase the decor and culture of your salon. If you are interested in drawing in new customers with modern-day backwash station equipment, then Salon Furniture is your one-stop shop!

Palmdale Backwash Unit

Whether your salon has been around for a while and you want to renovate your shampoo chairs or if you are starting one, Salon Furniture can help with a shampoo backwash station or a shampoo station. For the Palmdale, California area, Salon Furniture is the online company to go to when you need new shampoo chairs. Palmdale became the first community in the Antelope Valley to incorporate in 1962. It is a city in Los Angeles County with a populace of over 513,000 people.

Palmdale Backwash Station

The most convenient way to shop is at home or your place of business right from your computer. As a family owned and operated online company, Salon Furniture can offer low prices, cutting out a middleman for the ease and comfort of our customers. So, if you need a new backwash unit to help make your backwash station nicer, think of us! If your shampoo station needs a significant change, call Salon Furniture Warehouse, and we can help! Here is the number to dial (877) 805-0755 for a new backwash unit or shampoo chairs that you’ll love!
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