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Oceanside Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


Have you been searching for affordable shampoo stations or a way to enhance your salon? Salon Furniture Warehouse provides a selection of shampoo chairs, backwash units and shampoo backwash stations for the lowest price on the market. Salon Furniture delivers over 50 years of combined experience in providing the best shampoo stations. When you order a shampoo station or backwash station from Salon Furniture, you will always receive the best quality products. If you want to make a positive impression on your clients with a new shampoo backwash station, then choose Salon Furniture!

Oceanside Backwash Unit

If you want your salon in Oceanside to have the newest shampoo stations, then order from Salon Furniture. Oceanside is a city located on the South Coast of California and is located in San Diego County. Oceanside has a population of 167,000 citizens and became incorporated in 1888. Let Salon Furniture provide affordable and stunning shampoo stations and backwash units that will enhance your salon and give it a modern feel. At Salon Furniture we value all our customers, that's why we provide reasonable prices for our shampoo stations.

Oceanside Backwash Station

Salon Furniture is a family owned shampoo station company that wants salons in Oceanside to have access to the best shampoo chairs. We have a wide variety of shampoo backwash stations that come in a variety of colors, sizes, and prices. Our goal is to bring modern designs and low priced shampoo chairs to the salons of Oceanside. Salon Furniture provides an educated and experienced team that is devoted to providing you with the best backwash station equipment. If you have any questions regarding our shampoo chairs, backwash units or shampoo backwash stations then call Salon Furniture Warehouse at (877) 805-0755!
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