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Little Rock Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


If you’ve ever been to a salon, you know that two of the most important factors a salon can provide are style and comfort. At Salon Furniture Warehouse, we believe in offering area salons with the highest quality salon equipment on the market. If your salon needs a new shampoo backwash station, look no further than Salon Furniture! Or if the backwash station at your salon has fallen into disrepair, let Salon Furniture supply you with a shampoo backwash station that will be the envy of the competition!

Little Rock Backwash Unit

In and around Little Rock, Arkansas, the company that salons trust for shampoo chairs is Salon Furniture. Located in Pulaski County, Arkansas, Little Rock has 198,541 residents. It is the capital of Arkansas and is also the most populous city. Little Rock is the host to many cultural institutions such as the Arkansas Art Center, the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. If your salon is in or near Little Rock, Salon Furniture can provide you with the highest quality backwash station products on the market!

Little Rock Backwash Station

Salon Furniture is a family owned and operated online company that offers an extensive array of salon equipment. If your salon needs a new shampoo station, we can help. Or maybe your backwash unit is outdated? Call Salon Furniture to update it! Even if your shampoo backwash station needs replacing, we can help. The shampoo chairs that we offer are stylish and are sure to add appeal to your salon. For all of your salon equipment needs, call Salon Furniture Warehouse at (877) 805-0755!
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