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Las Vegas Shampoo Station

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Salon Furniture Warehouse provides outstanding discounts to salon owners as a direct source while delivering quality pedicure chairs. You will find that the pedicure chairs for sale that we offer range in color along with providing the most advanced technology. Salon Furniture has prices that are two times less than other pedicure chair and spa chair online prices. We buy directly from manufacturers so that we can pass the saving on to our valued customers in Las Vegas. Salon Furniture is here to give your Las Vegas salon or spa the advantage of the best pedicure spa chair for your salon at an affordable price. Choose the pedicure chairs that come with new features and fantastic designs that will impress your clients at a price that is sensible.

Las Vegas Backwash Unit

Salon Furniture provides pedicure chairs for sale with new features like a pipeless jet system, discharge pumps, remote drain plugs along with a dual action shower head. Las Vegas, California is situated near the Santa Ana River and is part of San Bernardino County. Las Vegas’s motto is "City of Action," and the population is at about 211,000 residents. Make it a point to give your clients the relaxing time they need with a relaxing spa chair or pedicure chair from Salon Furniture. Find the perfect pedicure chairs for sale at Salon Furniture. Don’t forget to accommodate children with our children’s pedicure spa chairs. At Salon Furniture we only sell pedicure spa chairs that we stand behind and know are great quality.

Las Vegas Backwash Station

Salon Furniture makes it easy for your salon to get the savings on pedicure chairs that you want because of our convenient online shop that is easy to navigate and gives you all the information you need. Our family-owned business understands the need to budget, and that is why we proudly offer ideal savings along with special financing options. You won't be alone after your purchase because we provide the parts and service support that will make you feel secure after you receive your pedicure chairs. At Salon Furniture we go above and beyond to bring pedicure chairs for sale that we are proud to offer to the customers in Las Vegas. Get the perfect fit pedicure chairs or pedicure spa chair for your Las Vegas salon or spa by calling Salon Furniture Warehouse at (877) 805-0755 today!

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