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Lancaster Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


Finding the ideal salon equipment can be tricky, but at Salon Furniture Warehouse, we make it simple! We make it easy to find the shampoo chairs and shampoo stations that will fit your salon’s design and keep your customers pleased. You will find our shampoo chairs and shampoo backwash station prices affordable. No matter if you need just one backwash unit or a full set of new equipment, Salon Furniture has a big assortment and package pricing that is the best! It shows that we are committed to customer satisfaction and keeping our clients happy. Also, we hold a large stock of shampoo chairs that we can ship out quickly.

Lancaster Backwash Unit

Lancaster, California is the 31st largest city in the state with a population of over 168,000. It is a charter city located in Northern Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley west of the Mojave Desert. Lancaster is just 61 miles north of Los Angeles, which is not far from the best restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. The upscale salons of Lancaster understand that the place to find quality, yet affordable and chic shampoo chairs are at Salon Furniture!

Lancaster Backwash Station

Here at Salon Furniture, we know you will appreciate your new shampoo chairs and backwash unit furniture. We are the best in customer service and salon backwash station selections, plus we have been supplying the Lancaster community for over 50 years. Our welcoming staff is ready to help you with your shampoo backwash station order or to help you put together a salon shampoo station package that will work for you. Also, we offer quick shipping on all in-stock orders. For a hassle-free purchase at a price you’ll be happy with, Salon Furniture Warehouse is the one to call at (877) 805-0755!
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