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Hartford Salon Furniture

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If you are looking for salon equipment made from high end quality finishes and trending designs then you have found all you will need from Salon Furniture Warehouse!  Salon Furniture Warehouse is currently the only wholesale manufacture that designs, manufactures and sells salon furniture directly to consumers and distributors. Salon Furniture Warehouse guarantees client satisfaction with all salon equipment purchases. Whether you are looking for a reception desk, salon chair or salon station you can be sure you will find exactly what you need at Salon Furniture Warehouse. We are pleased to offer high end and trending hair, nail or barber salon equipment that will suit the needs of any stylist on any budget. At Salon Furniture Warehouse we have several years’ experience in direct to consumer manufacturing that keeps our clients coming back. We design and assemble all of our salon furniture by using only the finest materials. We also offer our clients affordable pricing on all salon equipment that is processed out of our warehouse. Salon Furniture Warehouse specializes in the salon furniture design and construction so you don’t have to. Check out Salon Furniture Warehouse and see why so many Hartford businesses choose our salon equipment over any other!

 Hartford Salon Equipment

Hartford is the capital city of the great state of Connecticut. Hartford has an immense population nearing 125,000 local residents earning it a high ranking as one of Connecticut’s largest cities. A city the size of Hartford means there are a lot of salons servicing local residents. Salon Furniture Warehouse has all of the salon equipment needed to make your salon stations stand out over the others. The first thing your clients see walking into your space is your reception desk. Salon Furniture Warehouse has various ideas to transform your reception desk into an inviting space that will set the tone for your salon. Our salon stations and salon chairs are functional and allow sufficient workspace to serve your clients and all the while keeping them and yourself comfortable! Salon Furniture Warehouse is pleased to offer clients Deep Discounts and special financing offers which leave any salon equipment purchase you need to make affordable to any budget. Local Hartford businesses choose Salon Furniture Warehouse because our salon furniture selection and prices are something you will not find anywhere else!

 Hartford Salon Chair

In addition to the incredible selection of high quality salon furniture Salon Furniture Warehouse has to offer you, we also have multiple selections of salon equipment, hair and nail accessories, as well as salon chairs, salon stations, massage beds and nail polish displays. Salon Furniture Warehouse can help make your salon the place clients want to come back to.  We offer multiple pricing options to maximize the function and maintain the profitability of your salon furniture investment. Salon Furniture Warehouse offers you Package Salon Furniture Deals, Sale Items, Deep Discounts, Financing and Free Shipping. You can contact any of our friendly Salon Furniture Warehouse staff by calling at: 773-957-7005 to assist in answering any of your salon equipment upgrade questions. Revamping your salon furniture and salon equipment is not out of reach with Salon Furniture Warehouse!


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