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El Paso Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


Get the lowest price on a luxurious backwash unit or shampoo station from Salon Furniture Warehouse. We are a proud family owned business with over 50 years of combined experience in giving salon owners a hassle-free way to receive a functional backwash station and beautiful shampoo chairs. There are many things to concern yourself with in running a salon, and we want to take this off the list by being a trusted one-stop shop for all your shampoo backwash station and shampoo chair needs. Salon Furniture is looking forward to creating a package deal that’s right for your El Paso salon.

El Paso Backwash Unit

El Paso, Texas lies on the Rio Grande River. El Paso is nicknamed "The Sun City." El Paso is the headquarters of the Fortune 500 Company, Western Refining. Salon Furniture offers salons across the country high-quality shampoo stations and backwash units that last. Get the perfect backwash station and shampoo chairs at the right price. Take your time to browse through our shampoo backwash station options to find the design that's a perfect fit for your salon. Salon Furniture wants to partner with you and provide excellent service and products.

El Paso Backwash Station

Salon Furniture accommodates our partners by having a range of shampoo stations that fit any budget while preserving quality. You will get exactly what you order, and if there is required assembly on the shampoo backwash station and shampoo chairs you order, you can count on them being clear. We are happy to offer the vacuum breaker function with our backwash unit to prevent contaminated water supply. Our team goes the distance to find you the best in a backwash station. Salon Furniture Warehouse is looking forward to helping you find the quality salon products you need, call (877) 805-0755 to place your order.
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