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Dubuque Barber Chairs

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Salon Furniture is a family owned business that prides itself on eliminating the middleman. We are the only manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells directly to our clients. Salon Furniture lets barbershop owners purchase their barber chair right from our website. Built with the best materials barbershop owners love the selection of cheap barber chairs that we have to offer. Salon Furniture has a shared 50 years of experience designing superior barber chairs for sale, delivered right to your shop. Salon Furniture has the privilege of being able to manage every part of the barber chair and barber station process, that’s because we are family owned. From a long-lasting barber station to a comfortable barber chair, we have what you need! Salon Furniture wants to create a partnership with your Dubuque barbershop today!

Dubuque Barber Chair

Dubuque has a population of 58,253 and is nicknamed “Masterpiece on the Mississippi” partly due to its unique architecture. Dubuque, Iowa is located in the Tri-State region along the Mississippi River and is the county seat of Dubuque County. Dubuque is the 10th largest city in the state and is the heart of commercial, industrial and the cultural center. Salon Furniture will help your shop become the most sought-after barbershop in Dubuque. We’ll give you an elegant touch with a personal vibe shown through your barber station and barber chair that are both economical and accurately designed. Salon Furniture’s barber chairs meet more than a need they also represent your professionalism and personality.

Dubuque Barber Chairs For Sale

Salon Furniture Warehouse provides pleasing service, spectacular craftsmanship, and incredible barber station designs. We offer impressive skill combined with creative barber chair models that come in a variety of colors and shapes. Salon Furniture has reasonably priced packages that come with quite a few options for financing your barber stations and barber chairs near Dubuque. Go to our website and see our cheap barber chairs and individual barber station choices. Give us the opportunity to help you renovate your barber chair and barber station as soon as you can! Reach out to Salon Furniture Warehouse, and we will make sure your Dubuque shop obtains the barber chairs and barber stations that it is worthy of! Call us at (877) 805-0755 if you have any questions!


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