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Aurora Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


Whether you are looking to furnish a new salon or upgrading your existing salon’s furnishings, Salon Furniture Warehouse makes it easy for you to get the shampoo backwash station or shampoo chairs you need at an affordable price. We exceed customer expectations in providing salon shampoo station equipment that is built with quality and luxury designs. From our backwash units to our shampoo chairs, we only sell products that we believe in and that we view as high quality, practical and comfortable for your clients and the stylist. We have furniture styles that range from plush and cozy, to sleek and modern, and everything in between!

Aurora Backwash Unit

Located predominately in Kane County, Illinois the city of Aurora is the second most populated city in the state with just under 198,000 residents. Rich in history and pride, Aurora is known as “The City of Lights” for its electric street lighting system that dates all the way back to 1881. The salons of Aurora have a bright future with continued residential growth and economic prosperity. Salon Furniture is proud to supply quality shampoo station equipment, including shampoo chairs and backwash units for many of the hair salons in Aurora. Shop our online selection of custom and affordable shampoo backwash station items, you will love what you see!

Aurora Backwash Station

At Salon Furniture we provide fantastic cost savings to salon owners by offering direct pricing by cutting out the middleman. Because we are a direct manufacturer, we can customize your backwash station with the features you need and your clients will love. Our shampoo chairs provide your clients with a comfortable and relaxing experience and will significantly enhance the look of your salon. When you need a new shampoo backwash station, or if your salon shampoo chairs need replacing, Salon Furniture Warehouse is where you need to go. We go above and beyond customer expectations in quality, service, and satisfaction. Call today at (877) 805-0755.
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