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Augusta-Richmond County Shampoo Station

Shampoo Station | Shampoo Chairs


At Salon Furniture Warehouse, we can provide all of the salon equipment that you might need. Is your salon in need of a new backwash unit to help upgrade your backwash station? Or maybe your shampoo chairs are outdated or falling apart? If so, Salon Furniture is here to help! At Salon Furniture, we offer only the most excellent shampoo backwash station products on the market. Whether you have an established salon in need of refurbishing or you are just starting, Salon Furniture has everything you need to make sure your shampoo station stands out from the rest!

Augusta-Richmond County Backwash Unit

If your salon is located in Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia, Salon Furniture can help with all of your salon equipment needs. Though the city name is often referred to as merely Augusta, Augusta-Richmond County is a consolidated city-county that is home to 197,166 people. Augusta-Richmond County is the second largest city in Georgia. The residents of Augusta-Richmond County know that when their salon needs new shampoo chairs or a unique new backwash station, Salon Furniture is the only call they need to make.

Augusta-Richmond County Backwash Station

As a family owned and operated online company, Salon Furniture understands the value of convenience. When you are shopping for a new backwash unit, we know that the best way to do it is from the comfort of your own home. If you want that new shampoo backwash station to help your salon stand out, look no further! Our website offers an impressive array of the most excellent quality salon equipment. Our shampoo chairs are stylish and modern, and our products can make your backwash station feel like new. Call Salon Furniture Warehouse today!
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