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Salon Furniture Warehouse offers a wide variety of styling stations and styling counters, single sided or double sided, stand alone or wall hanging, economy models or deluxe model it is available here. Made of mostly Melamine products these stations will look good for years. We also offer a granite top upgrade, not available in most places. Modern styling, tons of storage, display shelves, these units will fit your d├ęcor and purpose. More styling stations and styling counters are added to our mix on a regular basis, so browse our site for the perfect ones for you.
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Styling Stations

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$199.95 $249.95
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37 Item(s)
  1. Styling Stations
  2. Chairs & Stools
  3. Shampoo Stations
  4. Manicure Tables
  5. Pedicure Chairs
  6. Reception Desks
  7. Reception Seating
  8. Accessories, Cabinets & Trolley
  9. Nail Drying Stations
  10. Equipments & Parts
  11. Massage Chairs & Beds
  12. Mats
  13. Beds
Styling Stations
Chairs & Stools
Shampoo Stations
Manicure Tables
Pedicure Chairs
Reception Desks
Reception Seating
Accessories, Cabinets & Trolley
Nail Drying Stations
Equipments & Parts
Massage Chairs & Beds
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